Objection to prospecting and mining in the Groot Marico River, PPS and registration as I&AP

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The Public Participation Officer

Golder Associates Africa
P O Box 6001
Halfway House
E-mail: upape@golder.co.za
Golder project no: 1535371

Regional Manager DMR: Klerksdorp

Ms Pinky Sennano

RM: Klerksdorp Ref No.
NW 30/5/1/1/3/2/1 11780EM


Dear Madam/Sir




I object to this application by De Beers for prospecting for kimberlite on various farms in the Ngaka Modiri Molema, Kgetlengrivier and Bojanala Municipalities in NWP:

  • The farm portions in the Groot Marico part of your application fall within the heart of a strategic water resource to South Africa - the sensitive Groot Marico River Catchment, a National Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Area (NFEPA) which provides valuable and vital water to many thousands of people, including the town of Groot Marico and Reboile, many farms, game farms and massive traditional communities, in a water scarce region, as well as being the source of the Limpopo.

    No activity which has the potential to impact on this river system should be considered. This is even more relevant at the moment as South Africa is in the grip of severe drought, and North West Province has been declared a drought disaster area.

  • Vergenoeg and Wonderfontein are key tourism and eco-tourism areas within this Groot Marico River Catchment, with many guest houses and guest farms which provide employment to locals.

    Visitors from all parts of South and Southern Africa and the rest of the world are attracted to these very areas (which are now under application) because of their unspoilt natural beauty and the joy and privilege of having access to a clean river.

    The river meanders through Vergenoeg, Wonderfontein and Modderfontein between magnificent koppies (hills) and klowe (ravines) which are covered with ancient indigenous trees, bush and aloes, with naturally occurring game, almost unheard of in this day and age. The river itself is magnificent with deep, clear pools and it is safe to drink directly from the river in the upper sections.

    Clean air and clear skies are here too, along with Groot Marico’s unique atmosphere, character, charm and cultural identity.

    With its proximity to major cities, it offers an easily accessible retreat from the stresses of urban life.

    Prospecting and mining activities would be in conflict with this sense of place which would be severely detrimental to Groot Marico as a tourism destination and therefore jeopardise existing jobs.

  • I object to Golder’s strategy of running the public participation process during the most inconvenient time of year - peak holiday season - when access to legal assistance is restricted or unavailable and many directly affected people are unlikely to be available to participate and comment. This is in direct conflict with the principles of consultation which require engaging in good faith and seeking out I&APs responses, which allows and ensures openness in the decision making process.
  • I hereby register as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP) and require further information from Golder Associates and I register my objection both with Golder Associates and the Regional Manager.

I request that this application be rejected.

Yours faithfully,